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this site is very much a work in progress.

the 500 donkeys project

i am making 500 hand drawn and numbered donkeys to be distributed in various forms.

why the hell not!


500donkeys is a quantitative art project. not all 500 donkeys will be displayed here (mainly because i hate scanning) but they will be circulating the globe in various formats.
if you have questions that need answers email the project.

damn strait.

the EGG project. - is on hold untill further notice. blah*

if you've been lucky enough to find an egg, please let us know! SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!
or email us!

contact: email or


you have arived at this site through one of 3 means.
1.) an envelope or other object (probably recieved through the mail) with one of the 500 donkeys and a link to this site
2.) an egg found somewhere
3.) a link somewhere online ? its possible

so WHY are you here?
to make the art interactive. 500donkeys is intended to be (somewhat of) a online headquarters for various art projects. interactive art projects. public art projects. found art projects. other art projects, but more so the interactive public found types.
what makes art public? it is available to 'the community or the people as a whole'
what makes art interactive? you being here. (and signing the guestbook)
what makes art found? well.. you happened upon it didnt you?

this site kinda sucks, i know. but bear with me. its just starting up more or less.. and at the moment the MAIN goal of this site is to be a place of contact for interaction. Later more info will come up.

email *